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We know there are many questions when choosing a virtual airline, below you will find a collection of the 10 most frequently asked questions. For all other questions, please contact the vSAS Staff Team.

  • How do I register to become a vSAS pilot?
    Head to the JOIN US link at the top of the page, or go directly on our register page by clicking here. The registration process is very easy and you can start your first flight in minutes.
  • How do I join the Discord server?
    First you have to register at our vAMSYS Register page, only verified pilots can join our Discord server. The link can be accessed directly from the user interface on vAMSYS. We are looking forward to you, see you soon!
  • Can I fly whatever routes I want to fly?
    No. You can only fly routes that are available in our schedule / booking system which are also matching the real flight schedules for SAS Scandinavian Airlines.
  • Are there any activity requirements?
    No, we don't have any activity requirements. We understand that sometimes it is not possible to perform virtual flights, each of our pilot members is allowed to decide when to perform a flight / send us a PIREP back.
  • What is a PIREP?
    PIREP stands for Pilot Report and is a report which is sent back to us with important data about your flight after landing and safe parking at the gate via the Pegasus tool.
  • Do I have to use the same aircraft type that is shown in the schedule?
    You can use any aircraft type that is available for the particular flight, you also can change the type and registration during the booking process. Kindly take a look at our Aircraft Substitutions List here.
  • Do I have to fly on a online network?
    No, there is no restriction to perform your flight online. However, you will get more points for your flight if you perform your flight using the following networks: VATSIM IVAO PilotEdge FSCloud POSCON or any other network
  • Which simulators are supported?
    Any simulator that supports FSUIPC. For example: MSFS2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D and X-Plane.
  • Which ACARS is used?
    We use the ACARS "Pegasus" which is specially developed by vAMSYS. What is Pegasus? It is our in-house flight tracking software. It allows you to record your flight and submit it as a PIREP. You can find more information here.
  • Where can I get support?
    Where can I get support? You can contact us on our official Discord Server or you send us an e-mail. E-Mail:
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